At 18th National Photo Competetion organised by Gujarat State Lalit Kala Academy during 2014-15, Subject: "Technology And Yuth India A Shining Star"   Mr. Sneh Bhavsar was awarded with 1st Price in "Colour Section"


Sneh Bhavsar is one of the leading artist and professional photographer in Ahmedabad.

Sneh Bhavsar is working in the field of photography covering industrial photography, product photography, nature and landscape photography advertising photography.

Sneh Bhavsar has taken photographs of several varieties of rose flower. He has held four solo shows in Ahmedabad, Bhuj, Surat and Udaipur on roses and panoramic pictorials. He has traveled different places in India as well as abroad on special photography assignments taking in his lens view nature’s most beautiful creatures like flowers, mountains, river and landscapes.

Registered Artist:

Sneh Bhavsar is a registered artist for Government of Gujarat State

Sneh Bhavsar is a Life Member of Camera Club of Karnavati (CCK)

Life Member of Gujarat Visual Artist Association

Member of Neharika Photo Club

Member of Focus Photo Society

Sneh Bhavsar has in depth knowledge of rose flowers and panoromic view photography and engaged in self-research in the same subject.

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Shortly about us


  • ROSE' (Ahmedabad - 2006)
  • PANORAMIC VIEW & ROSES' ( Ahmedabad - 2011)
  • PANORAMIC VIEW & ROSES' ( Surat - 2011)
  • PANORAMIC VIEW & ROSES' ( Bhuj - 2011)
  • PANORAMIC VIEW & ROSES' ( Udaipur - 2011)
  • PANORAMIC VIEW (Karnavati Art Gallery, Ahmedabad-2013)

Exhibition is sponsored by The Gujarat State lalit kala academy.( Udaipur - 2011)

Visited Singapore, Malaysia & Thailanad in reference to Photography 2010.

Visited USA & CANADA in reference to Photography 2012.


Latest photoshoots